Housing Affordability in Sydney, Australia.Charter House of Real Estate

An analysis by The Charter Housing Partnership Housing Affordability Initiative at the Charter House for Real Estate, with support from the Charter House Institute of Business.

The Charter Housing Partnership (CHP) and the Housing Affordability Initiative at the Charter House Center for Real Estate (CHCRE) have teamed up to quantify how much land is being consumed to develop new housing in the greater Sydney metropolitan area.


Using validated data and reports, CHP and CHCRE examined all new single and multifamily housing built in Sydney’s metropolitan 710 suburbs during the five year period from 2011 to 2016. CHP and CHCRE then compare the density of new construction to existing housing density in each suburb.

The CHP and CHCRE study fills a crucial gap by providing information not previously available. CHP and CHCRE intend to update this information annually to track land use trends in the region over time.



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