About The Charter House Centre For Real Estate 

The Charter House Center For Real Estate (CHCRE) was founded to improve on the quality of the built environment and to enhance a more informend professional practice in Real Estate industry in the global marketplace. Our research investigates transactions in real estate from initial concept to market reality, providing knowledged that helps organisations capitalise on today’s dynamic markets.

Vision The structures build by the gloabl real estate industry represents more thana thirds of the world’s tangible wealth and are responsible for more that a third of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For the industry to maintain responsible leadership in the global economy, it must encourage a culture of sustainability and innovation that meets the challenges of a increasingly interconnected world.

CHCRE is poised to help the industry increase it’s effeciency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Through research and education initiatives at the Charter House Center for Real Estate Development (CHCRED) and the Charter House Institute of Business (CHIB) tradition of excellence in technology, knowledge transfer, and gloabl reach is applied to the real estate industry, developing innovations to help practices build responsibly and profitably.

Strategic Goals and Objectives The Charter House for Real Estate has three strategic thrusts for FY 2018: enahnce its educational programs, building an effectivi industry-supported research program, and identifying a plan for financial sustainability.

Enhanced educational programs: CHCRE is working to enhance its core RE program and it’s continuing education and professional development offering. It is focusing more clearly on the real estate development process and bringin the rigors of science to the real estate industry. The purpose is to give the RE program a unique word leading, and innovative curriculum that effectively leverages CHIB globally recognised excellence in science and technology.

Industry-supported research program: CHCRE has continued to build its program of interdisciplinary, industry-relevant, innovative, industry-supported research innitiatives: Charter Housing Partnership (CHP), the Housing Affordability Initiative (HAI), and the Ceter for Commercial Real Estate Data (CCRED).

Financial sustainability: A minimum of $3 million is necessary to run a first-rate real estate program and center, and CHIB would not want to run anything less. The centre continues to pursue a three-legged strategy to achieve financial sustainability: (1) increase Center-generated revenue beyond tuition (from our industry outreach/partnership program, research consortia, executive education), (2) work with the Office of Resource Development to pursue a gifting campaign (involving alumni and other potential donors and focused on CHCRE’s upcoming move to new space), and (3) restructure the Center’s budgetary relatinship with the institute to gain increased financial support for the RE program.

Micro and Macro Real
Estate Economic Analysis
Magnitude Analysis of
Real Estate Investments
Performance Analysis of
Real Estate Investments
Analysis of Real Estate
Systems in Capital Markets
Analysis of the
Space Market
Discount Cash Flow and
Net Present Value Analysis
Economic Analysis of REI
Development Projects
Asset Market and Investment
Industry Analysis
Real Estate Cashflow Pro Forma
and Opportunity Cost of Capital
After Tax
Investment Analysis
Capital Structures
and Derivatives
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